The Reason to Make

What does it mean to "make"? Why do we make? Everyone who has attempted to make an artwork will have faced these questions at least once. Will we ever find the answers if we keep making things? No, definitely not. The things that we make obscure the answers and keep renewing the questions right in front of us. We can never find a real reason for making things.
Even so, if we can't abandon making things, we have no other choice than to continue our attempt to aim for the unattainable.

What kind of structure should I select in order to let things exist both as they are and also as a unique object? The inherent conditions of each thing, e.g. size, material, weight, shape, and fixed images, determine the shape of a thing. The determined shape finds a new use for the thing, which is the most appropriate for itself. The newly adopted use is unique to the thing with this particular structure. From the moment of adoption, it is not a use anymore; it becomes a new condition of the thing. This quality is simultaneously restraint and potential. Autonomy can be achieved only from restraint.

What am I making? I can say nothing more than they are artworks. What is an artwork? I can only say an artwork is nothing but an artwork: nothing more or less. To let it be purely an artwork, everything needs to be clear. Although everything is clear, artworks never lose opacity beyond the clarity. Only from clarity the opacity can be grasped abstractly -- hence directly.

Artwork is something incomprehensible. So, making artwork is to find out how we don't understand things, i.e. a quest for "a quality of incomprehensibleness."